spiral wound tubes


Helically wound tubes from HDPE or PP

We produce helically wound tubes as semi-finished product for the production of storage tanks or chemical appartous. Different wall thicknesses could be produced according to your demands. The standard length is up to 6 000 mm.


PE-HD, PE-80, PE-100, PE natural, PE-EL, PE coloured

PP-H (type 1), PP-B (type2), PP-R (type 3)


1 500 mm, 1 900 mm, 2 500 mm, 3 000 mm, 3 500 mm


Thermoplastic resin is melted

in a extruder and is helically wound as a band-shaped layer onto a pre-heated rotating steel mandrel. Higher wall thicknesses are produced by winding seperate layers whereas a homogenous clindrical wall results. This design guarantees a wound tube according to your technical demands.

Our production is supervised by an internal quality assurance, as well as by an external monitoring performed by the TÜV. The material properties and exact sizes of the tubes are controlled continously and are approved by issuing a factory certification according to EN 10 204 - 2.2.